Surf Club Ocean Grille is Certified Virginia Green

Virginia Green Restaurants have the opportunity to have a significant impact on people’s daily lives and how they think about the environment. Virginia Green Restaurants is a self-certification program in which restaurants must verify that they are at a minimum practicing the Virginia Green Restaurants core activities and hopefully doing much more.
The core activities include the following:
• Minimize the use of disposable food service products: use products that are made from bio-based or renewable resources and provide for recycling or composting of items
• Recycle Grease: handle grease in an environmental friendly manner
• Recycle and Reduce Waste: glass bottles must be recycled and additional recycling and waste minimization is encouraged
• Use Water Efficiently: have a plan for conserving water
• Conserve Energy: have a plan in place to reduce overall energy consumption
Guests to Virginia Green Restaurants can expect that the facility has at least the core activities in place. Participants are encouraged to tell us about any green activities they have undertaken and these are included in the participant’s profile, which appears on our website. Consumers can then choose a facility that offers the green amenities they value.
For a list of participating restaurants visit the Virginia Tourism Corporation’s (VTC) Virginia Green Restaurant listing. This listing will allow you to view Virginia Green Restaurant’s in your area by allowing restaurants to be viewed by region, locality, or city. It also gives you more information about the restaurant and still allows you to check out its Virginia Green Profile.

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